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  • Criminal Defense

    The Criminal Defense Team at The Rice Law Firm, LLC includes former Federal Prosecutor Richard Rice, formerly an Assistant United States Attorney and Trial Attorney with The Special Litigation Section of the United States Department of Justice. When you or your company is under investigation or being prosecuted, you need this “inside” knowledge and experience to give you every legal, factual, and ...
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  • Eliminate Tax Debt: 10 year Statute of Limitations

    IRS tax debt expires after the ten-year statute of limitations expires after assessment. However, a number of events may toll the statute, pausing it, and in some cases adding time to it. The date upon which the taxes will expire is called the Collection Status Expiration Date (CSED). The first step in analyzing when tax debt will expire is finding the latest assessment date. For most taxpayers, ...
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  • Eliminate Tax Debt: Currently Not Collectible

    Taxpayers often raise questions about how Currently Not Collectible Status works. How do I qualify? How long does it last? Will my tax debts expire at some point if I am in CNC status? As with most IRS issues, the answers are not entirely black and white. A taxpayer qualifies for CNC status when the taxpayer’s reasonable expenses exceed or equal the taxpayer’s income, and when the taxpayer does ...
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