Attorney Richard Rice Wins Acquittal in Recent Trial

Attorney Richard Rice of The Rice Law Firm, LLC recently secured a not guilty verdict in a recent trial. Attorney Rice’s client, the owner of a warehouse and commercial business, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than 30 kg oh heroin and 200 kg of methamphetamine.

The government argued that Attorney Rice’s client was involved in negotiations with an undercover agent and confidential source to organize a contraband drop-off time, in exchange for $20,000. This alleged meeting and agreement, however, was never recorded – without proof of the meeting, prosecutors were unable to determine the client’s involvement in the crime. The undercover agent had an apparent and extensive history of lying, and Attorney Rice argued that his client was a victim of the agent's compulsive dishonesty.

Aggressively Protecting the Rights of Clients

After a plea was entered, the government called a post-plea, pre-sentencing cooperator to testify against the client – Attorney Rice fought back by calling another post-plea cooperator who had not yet been sentenced. Regardless of the setbacks and obstacles faced during the trial, Attorney Rice used his experience and skill to successfully convince the jury that the undercover agent was untrustworthy and that the legal system was attempting to hide something by favoring one cooperator over the other.

The Rice Law Firm, LLC congratulates Attorney Rice on his trial victory. This latest accomplishment is a testament to the dedication and personal experience Attorney Rice provides to each of his clients. For more than 20 years, The Rice Law Firm, LLC has exemplified the highest legal values and code of ethics, without compromising integrity or client service.

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