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Is forgery a felony in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Uncategorized |

If you face allegations of forgery in Georgia you should take the allegation seriously. Many defendants think that forgery charges are not particularly significant, even though they face felony charges.

Understanding the severity of the charge and preparing to defend yourself is paramount in order to avoid suffering penalties that can greatly impact your life.

What is forgery?

Forgery is a type of fraud that involves making or altering documents with the intent to deceive. It could be as simple as signing a check with someone else’s signature, or as complex as selling falsified works of art.

What is the penalty for forgery?

People accused of forgery face grave penalties. People convicted of forgery face the potential of substantial jail time, along with large fines and a permanent criminal record.

There are four degrees of forgery under Georgia law, and all are felonies. Second- and third-degree are punishable with a prison term between one and five years; first-degree forgery in Georgia draws a prison term between one and fifteen years.

What are the defenses for forgery?

You can certainly defend yourself against allegations of forgery. Some of the defenses against forgery include:

  • Mistaken identity: you are not the forger; perhaps you have an alibi or witness
  • Consent: the “victim” actually granted permission
  • Lack of intent: you did not intend to defraud
  • Lack of knowledge: you did not know you had a forged document
  • Coercion: someone else forced you to forge a document

If you or a loved one are facing forgery charges, take them seriously and plan a vigorous defense to avoid undue punishments.