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Can you unknowingly be part of a criminal conspiracy?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | White Collar Crime |

Criminal conspiracy arises when two or more individuals agree to commit a crime and act with the intent to do so. You might face conspiracy charges if your actions indicate that you are taking steps toward committing a group crime, even if there is no written or verbal confirmation of the agreement.

If an officer arrests you for conspiring to commit a crime, you might find yourself confused if you are unaware of any such conspiracy. However, you should understand how your actions and responses to a friend with criminal intent might come across as aiding in an illegal conspiracy.

Can you unknowingly agree to commit a crime?

When you are unaware that a criminal conspiracy is forming within your friend group, it is not likely that you will wittingly agree to take part. However, one possible situation is that you might assume your friends are joking about committing a crime. If you respond in jest that you will help, this can turn against you if the crime does take place.

Can you unknowingly act with intent to commit a crime?

If you act to help another individual with carrying out a crime, even if you are unaware of the implications of your actions, you might face charges of criminal conspiracy. Additionally, Georgia legal code states that you can receive a conspiracy charge if any one person with whom you conspire acts to commit the crime. This means that you might incur punishment for aiding in the planning of a crime, even if you do not participate in carrying it out.

While it is rare for a person to take part in a conspiracy without knowing, it is possible you might find yourself in this situation. Protect your rights by building a strong case for your stance on the matter.