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What can cause you to commit a serious crime?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Did you know that serious crimes happen multiple times per hour in Georgia?

You are probably wondering what would cause someone to commit these crimes. Sometimes, it is as simple as a reaction to a strong emotion. Here are some of the most common emotions that cause people to commit serious crimes.


Sometimes unexpected things can happen and cause people enough shock that they snap. For example, they may feel shocked at what happened and feel like drugs would be an excellent way to make themselves feel better temporarily. Unfortunately, this emotional reaction can cause you to become another statistic.

Sense of Violation

Feeling like someone has violated your privacy can also cause you to commit a serious crime. Once again, you might find yourself seeking immediate relief that you fill with drugs or another criminal act.


Anger is a normal emotion that is often taken to the extreme. You may even find that anger drives you to start conspiring to commit a serious crime. Depending on the target, this can be a federal issue that can severely damage your lifestyle.


Finally, fear is another driving factor that can cause you to act out of desperation and commit criminal acts. For instance, medical professionals afraid of the high bills they have been racking up might commit Medicare fraud to get more money in their pocket.

Committing a crime can change your life. Therefore, you might want to think before you react to any strong emotions you experience. What might seem like a good relief in the heat of the moment can make your life more challenging in the long run.