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Can you fight your drug possession charge?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

You might feel as though it is difficult to contest drug possession charges. In some cases, that is true. When you understand the most common methods of defending against possession charges, you can better prepare yourself to fight in court.

There are a few common ways to fight the charges.

Did the lab confirm the compound?

Sometimes, officers overlook details in the chaos of an arrest and building a case. If the drugs found in your possession were not tested by the lab, you may have a defense. Without confirmation from proper lab testing, the substance found could be anything.

Is the chain of custody sound?

The chain of custody plays an important role in any criminal trial. When evidence logs reflect any gap in the chain of custody, that creates an opportunity for someone to tamper with the evidence. In those situations, you might have a defense against the integrity of the evidence.

Where did the officer find the drugs?

Depending on the location of the drugs, you may have a sound defense that they did not belong to you. If you were in another person’s vehicle and the officer found the drugs between your seat and the center console, you can argue that the car owner put them there.

Understanding ways to fight drug possession charges can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Criminal convictions, even for non-violent crimes, can interfere with your daily life and your ability to work. Fight the charges in court to reduce your risk of conviction.