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4 steps to take if charged with Medicare fraud in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | White Collar Crime |

Facing a Medicare fraud charge is a serious matter. It can bring about considerable penalties and long-lasting impacts on your life and career.

Taking the right steps immediately upon receiving the charge can help safeguard your rights and potentially mitigate the situation.

1. Understand the charge

The first thing you should do if charged with Medicare fraud is to fully understand the charge against you. Medicare fraud can involve a range of activities, from billing for services that you did not provide to submitting false cost reports. Understand the specifics of your charge and the evidence that led to it. This will help you form a response and potentially challenge the validity of the charge.

2. Gather your documentation

Start collecting all relevant documentation as soon as possible. This may include patient records, billing statements and any correspondence related to the alleged fraudulent activity. Thorough documentation can help establish your case and show that you acted in good faith.

3. Cease communication with investigators

If you face a charge of Medicare fraud, avoid speaking about the case with investigators without proper preparation. Exercise your Miranda rights and remain silent. Investigators can use anything you say used against you later on. Instead, take the time to understand your rights and develop a strategy for dealing with the investigation.

4. Cooperate with the process

Lastly, ensure that you cooperate fully with the process. This does not mean admitting guilt but refers to following all legal procedures, attending all scheduled meetings and meeting all deadlines.

Being charged with Medicare fraud in Georgia can be overwhelming. By knowing what steps to take, you can handle this challenging situation more effectively.