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Handling Complex Fraud Matters

When a person or a company lies or misrepresents something to you or your business, this may constitute civil fraud. If you rely on a fraudulent misrepresentation or omission and suffer personal or financial loss as a result, you may have a claim for damages. At The Rice Law Firm, LLC, we offer diligent representation if you have been the victim of fraud, or some other dishonest or deceptive business practice. Let our highly-skilled criminal defense attorney create a plan of action on your behalf.

A Reputation For Aggressive Representation For Victims Of Fraud

We understand that the effects of fraud can be serious and long lasting. Most commonly, the fraudster steals your money or your goods or services, which can cause devastating financial consequences. We represent clients who have been defrauded by another person or business who:

  • Misrepresents the condition or status of something
  • Falsifies a business record
  • Falsely represents a product or service
  • Simply cheating business partners, customers, or clients out of money

Our skilled Georgia business and civil fraud defense lawyer at The Rice Law Firm, LLC has decades of legal experience representing individuals and businesses that have been victims of fraud. Recently, we have obtained a multi-million dollar judgment against a business that had defrauded one of our clients. We referred the evidence of fraud that we uncovered to the FBI, and the president of the company was charged and sent to federal prison.

Have You Been Accused Of Fraud?

Business deals sometimes do not work out as planned. Even when the parties were honest and attempted to make a deal work, sometimes it just does not. Unfortunately, unscrupulous people will cry “fraud” just because their best case scenario did not come to fruition.These unscrupulous people ignore other factors that may have caused the business deal to fail, such as the economy or unrealistic expectations. Sometimes, a particular deal may have had very little chance of success even under ideal conditions. Whatever the reason for a deal not succeeding, this does not mean that there was fraud involved, and we may be able to stand by your side and defend your rights in and out of the courtroom to clear your name.

Arrange A Free Case Consultation To Discuss Your Concerns

Whether you have been accused of fraud or are a victim of fraud in Atlanta, we have the skills and experience you need to present a case that gets results. We handle fraud and other civil practice cases.  Do not wait another day for help, 770-615-0816 at The Rice Law Firm, LLC or send us this convenient email form. We respond promptly to every communication.