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Resolve Workers’ Compensation Matters Quickly With Our Help

At The Rice Law Firm, LLC, we proudly represent individuals, businesses, insurance companies, and municipal entities in their workers’ compensation cases across the Atlanta area and beyond. Our skilled Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney is readily able to help our clients resolve claims effectively, efficiently and affordably.

Our practice includes the defense of litigated claims, in the areas of:

  • Compensation
  • Medical expense
  • Refusal to rehire
  • Bad faith

Our Scope Of Practice

We have more than 21 years of legal experience and are committed to keeping abreast of current developments in the law to ensure that our clients receive the best counsel available. The Atlanta worker’s compensation attorneys of The Rice Law Firm, LLC are able to handle all types of matters for injured employees in Georgia and Florida. We are well-versed in workers’ compensation law and handle all phases of litigation, through trial and appeals.

In addition to our exposure to these matters, we are experienced in state and federal courts as both a litigator and defender. As plaintiffs, our experienced negotiator and trial attorney strives for the highest possible award. As defendants, our team provides an aggressive defense intended to reduce a client’s overall exposure and to encourage a reasonable and prompt resolution.

Obtain Aggressive Legal Advocacy From The Rice Law Firm, LLC

We are well-positioned to handle the most sophisticated matters and always seek to advocate for our clients’ best interests and legal rights. No matter how complicated your workers’ compensation case may be, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle each matter with the utmost professionalism. Arrange a free consultation today by calling 770-615-0816 or inquiring online via this email.