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Protecting Your Rights In Civil Forfeiture

Last updated on December 8, 2020

A civil forfeiture is a proceeding against the property itself, which is why cases are styled with names such as United States v. $1,250,000.00 or United States v. 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe. By filing the civil forfeiture action against the property, versus just having a forfeiture provision in a criminal prosecution, the government seeks to take the property away from everyone who may own it, even if some or all of the owners have never been charged with a crime. The civil forfeiture attorney at The Rice Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience in forfeiture law and is ready to assist you.

Civil Forfeiture Actions Are Unique

Civil forfeiture actions differ from other civil lawsuits in that the rules and procedures are different. For instance, owners or co-owners of the property have many different types of defenses that are not available in other types of civil lawsuits. For instance, an “innocent owner” has an absolute defense to the forfeiture of the property where that owner did not participate, know or have reason to know that the property was being used in an alleged crime.

Another significant difference between civil forfeiture cases and other types of civil litigation is the strict time limitations and filing requirements that other types of civil lawsuits do not require. If the owner of property misses one of these requirements or deadlines, then the owner may lose their property without the government having to prove anything.

Some of these deadlines and requirements also apply to the government. Richard Rice and The Rice Law Firm, LLC has won cases and gotten the full return of property when the government has missed these deadlines and requirements, yet an attorney without the same experience as Richard Rice may not even realize that the government made a mistake. Attorney Rice offers aggressive advocacy for other and all types of forfeiture.

When The Government Seizes Your Property, Contact Our Attorney

If the government seizes and tries to forfeit your property, you need an attorney such as Richard Rice and The Rice Law Firm, LLC, who is experienced in forfeiture cases and gives you the best chance to get your property back. Schedule a consultation by calling 770-615-0816 or emailing us a request.