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Experienced Representation For Criminal Forfeiture

Last updated on July 27, 2023

Criminal forfeiture is a part of a criminal prosecution. In conjunction with the prosecution of a person or company, the government will seek to forfeit any property that was used to facilitate the alleged crime or that is proceeds of the alleged crime. Let our extensively experienced forfeiture attorney at The Rice Law Firm, LLC fight for your rights to your property.

Aggressive Defense To Help Return Your Property

Richard Rice brings experience and skill to criminal prosecutions that also contain a forfeiture provision that few criminal defense attorneys have. Too often, criminal defense attorneys will tell their client that they should just forget about the property because the government is going to take it anyway. In many cases, this is just not true. Richard Rice can assist you in defending against the criminal prosecution and in defending the forfeiture. Even if someone is found guilty of a crime that does not mean that the property should be forfeited. Richard Rice can help you fight the criminal case and fight the forfeiture, so that however the criminal case resolves, you or your family might still get the property back. He offers staunch representation that fights against all types of forfeiture.

Criminal forfeitures are more limited in scope and effect than a civil forfeiture. In a criminal forfeiture, the government is only seeking to take whatever interest or ownership the defendant has in the property. In many cases this means that family members or other co-owners of the property can get the property back even if someone is convicted of a crime.

Learn More, Discuss Your Situation With Our Attorney

You have worked to hard to earn money and buy your property. Do not let the government take your property without a fight. Let Richard Rice and The Rice Law Firm, LLC bring that fight to the government. Contact us in Atlanta today by calling the firm at 770-615-0816 or sending in this convenient email request.