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Administrative Forfeiture

Administrative forfeiture is a summary action taken by either the federal government or the state government in which the government sends notice to any owner or other person or entity that may have an ownership interest in the property. Our highly-skilled administrative forfeiture lawyer at The Rice Law Firm, LLC is ready to defend you in all forfeiture legal needs.

Government Can Seek Forfeiture Without Charges

While it seems like it should be improper, the government can seek to forfeit property without filing criminal charges against the owner – even if the property was seized during a criminal investigation. Common examples of these types of forfeitures are seizures of cash at the airport or seizures of cash during a traffic stop. Sometimes the seizing officer will seize your property and initiate an administrative forfeiture in the hopes that you do not go through the expense and trouble of fighting the forfeiture. You should not let the government take your property from you. Speak with our Georgia attorney who is extensively experienced in recovering assets in administrative and all types of forfeiture.

Administrative forfeitures require the government to send a notice to potential owners or, in some circumstances, post a notice on a government website or in the courthouse. Once the notice is received, any owners of the property have a short time in which to file an official claim to the property. If an owner fails to file a proper claim within that time frame, the government forfeits the property and the owner loses the property. The requirements and timing of filing an official claim to the property are strict and rigid.

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Do not lose your property because you overlooked a requirement, made a simple mistake, or waited too long. Richard Rice at the Atlanta office of The Rice Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience in fighting administrative forfeitures and obtaining the return of your property. Trust us to help you get your property back. Call for a free consultation at 770-615-0816 or reach out to us online with this email.