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Skilled Legal Advocacy After A Plea Or Verdict

Last updated on July 27, 2023

Contrary to what many believe, a case is not over after the jury returns a verdict of guilty or after a defendant enters a plea of guilty. When deciding on an appropriate sentence, a judge should have more to consider than just the minimum facts or the government’s version of what happened. Our dedicated lawyer at The Rice Law Firm, LLC is extensively experienced in representing clients through appeal and sentencing legal matters. Let us attempt to obtain a better outcome for you.

We Can Argue For A Reduced Sentence

There often are extenuating or mitigating circumstances that, if the judge knew about them, could result in a reduced sentence. We may be able to fight for a reduced sentence by:

  • Presenting circumstances before a Judge in order to persuade him or her to give a more appropriate sentence
  • Advocating for our client’s rights in the courtroom, or through mediation
  • Filing all necessary paperwork for the court in a timely manner

As a former federal prosecutor, Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Richard Rice is experienced in the various ways that these harsh penalties can be avoided. Contact us today to learn more.

Are You Filing For An Appeal? We Can Represent You.

Virtually no criminal trial occurs without a mistake being made. Picture this: some unfortunate defendant spends seventeen years in jail, only to be proved innocence later. No amount of money can make this right, and nothing can give you back those years of freedom. If this has happened to you, don’t wait until you have suffered the unjust punishment before you take action. Identifying mistakes and obtaining relief on direct appeal or in a habeas petition is a critical, yet often neglected, part of the appeal process.

Our Sentencing & Appeals Attorney Will Fight For You

No person should ever feel that their criminal defense attorney stopped fighting for them. Even if another lawyer represented you at trial or during your guilty plea, Richard Rice may be able to help you on appeal, in a habeas petition, or at sentencing. Attorney Rice also defends clients arrested for a range of criminal charges. Contact our Georgia office today at 770-615-0816 to hear your legal options, or complete our email and request a free consultation. Hablamos Español.