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Wiretap Cases

Last updated on December 8, 2020

Using a wiretap, the police can intercept and listen to your cellphone calls, texts, messages, and obtain your GPS data. There is no investigative tool more intrusive or violative of your privacy than a wiretap. When the police wiretap your cellphone, the police do not invade your privacy, but they invade the privacy of everyone you speak with, whether it is your spouse, family, friends, or your business associates. Courts have likened this to having an “invisible policeman” in your bedroom, your office, your house. Let attorney Richard Rice at the Atlanta firm of The Rice Law Firm, LLC protect your rights in wiretapping charges.

Rules To Authorizing A Wiretap

Because a wiretap is so invasive, the rules and requirements the police must meet before a court will authorize a wiretap are more stringent and require more information than a traditional search warrant. Despite these additional requirements, the police have become more motivated than ever to obtain wiretaps in investigations. In the past, wiretaps were used only in drug investigations. Now, wiretaps are being used in other types of investigations, such as securities fraud and other white-collar fraud investigations. Wiretaps used to be used primarily by federal agents, but not state and local police departments are more frequently using wiretaps. However, in a rush to use wiretaps, the police do not always satisfy all the requirements to obtain a wiretap. Likewise, judges who are not experienced with reviewing and authorizing wiretaps will also fail to notice that the requirements have not been met. Frequent errors include the failure to establish “necessity” for the wiretap; establishing probable cause that the cellphone allegedly has been used to facilitate or conduct a crime in the past, but failure to establish probable cause that the cellphone will be used “in the future” – the period of time the wiretap actually will cover. There also are strict rules about terminating and sealing wiretaps, which can trip up police inexperienced with wiretaps.

Diligent Defense, Extensive Experience

Richard Rice and The Rice Law Firm, LLC have unparalleled experience in wiretap cases. When Richard Rice was a federal prosecutor he obtained hundreds of federal wiretaps, more than pretty much any other federal prosecutor during that period of time. Since establishing The Rice Law Firm, Richard Rice has brought that knowledge and experience to defend and fight wiretap cases. In addition to the many clients he has defended in wiretap cases, Richard Rice is regularly hired by and consults with other criminal defense attorneys to fight the wiretaps in their cases.

Speak With Our Attorney In A Free Consultation

Wiretap cases are more complex and carry greater potential jail time than most other types of criminal cases. When you are charged in a wiretap case, you need a defense attorney with the knowledge and experience to successfully defend you. You need Richard Rice and The Rice Law Firm, LLC. Call the firm at 770-615-0816 or reach out with this convenient email to set up a consultation now.